Saturday, November 21, 2009

Health Food Stores

Brian has a theory about the difference between health food stores and regular grocery stores. He thinks that people are generally happier in the health food store (customers and employees). He says it's because the decor contributes to a better atmosphere and people like the food their buying more. I mean doesn't everyone love spending their kid's college fund on health food?

I vary going to Wholefoods and King Soopers and Safeway. I only go to Wholefoods once or twice a month to get a few essentials that I can't get in a regular grocery store. And without a doubt older women will find me and ask me about the items in my cart and where certain products are located in the store. People talk to other people in health food stores. When I tell them about my roasted red peppers or point them to the sundried tomatoes we end up chatting. Today I gave a lady my recipe for split pea soup.

No one has ever just come up to me in a normal grocery store like that. So I'm thinking maybe Brian's on to something. Or maybe, I look like a health food store employee?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Okay folks, I'm going to be unedited and maybe even a little offensive today. I know some of you are Twilight lovers. I'm not talking about the time of day immediately following sunset. I'm talking about all this vampire non-sense. I don't think it's satanic or anything. I just think it's stupid. I read the first chapter of the book=not my style of writing. I watched the first 30 minutes of the movie=Fell asleep.

I will give ole what's her name credit for even churning out that many 400 page novels. my opinion aside, that's impressive. And she must know how to weave a story if so many grown women, teenage and elementary school girls gobble up her series. I'm not trying to bash this lady at all or her writing for that matter. I just don't understand what drives our culture to the bookshelves and box office to lap up dark fiction. (I do like Harry Potter and the previously mentioned LOTR, so that probably makes me a hypocrite.)

Tim Challies has a great blog where he spends his days reviewing books from a discerning Christian perspective. I don't know if he's done a review for Twilight, but today he wrote a parody chapter of Twilight meets the Beverly Lewis Amish series meets the Left Behind series. And if you read Christian fiction or have any knowledge of popular Christian fiction, this will crack you up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forget E-Harmony

I meet more and more couples who met through an online dating service. We have two such couples in our small group and another who lives next door. A few years ago I was skeptical about the online thing, but as culture continues to go the way of passivity about marriage and hostility toward marriage I applaud those brave singles who intentionally turn to the web for like-minded folks.

I have friends who've shelled out many monthly payments for these online dating services and never found a match. Or worse found one who ended up being a total loser.

I have other friends who really love singles and want to see them marry well, so they are building a different kind of online dating community. Marry Well takes the principles of Biblical dating and incorporates them into the online scene. Marry Well will also remove some of the online pitfalls and risks. Meeting someone online can be like meeting someone in a bar or coffee shop: You have no way of knowing if the information they're giving you about themselves is true. There is no third party to vouch for his or her character. One of the features of Marry Well allows and encourages participants to have mentors and peers (like a pastor or small group member) provide appraisal of the participant's character.
My friend Candice explains a little more about Marry Well and the upcoming beta period here. And yes, this is a shameless plug for what I think is going to be a life-changing ministry for marriage-minded singles.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear freshman Brian, pt. 1

Dear freshman Brian,

It's 2005 for you, fall to be precise, and I have words of wisdom to impart to you. I'm the Brian of 2009, so trust me when I say you have a lot of growing up to do. What do you think it means to be a man? What are you even living for? I know the habits, the broken perspectives, and the cowardice in your heart, dude. There are a lot of things you're going to need mentors for in the coming few years, especially thinking about school, work, relationships, and the Gospel.

Freshman Brian

Let me provide a little guidance for you to start. There's a prevailing myth that because you're "young" you can skate through everything without taking responsibility for your growth. Look at all your friends and classmates. Some of them slack-off, complain about everything, date more girls than there are days in a year, and veg out on video-games. That means you are excused for doing the same, right?

Wrong. I know the lies you're believing and how they affect you. I want to bring you the truth on some things with the hope of life transformation for you and so that you'll exercise Godly wisdom in your relationships with others. You already know Jesus Christ. You've tasted His love. You have a hope living inside you. I'll tell you just how deep the meaning of this goes. I believe you know some of these things already, but I'll remind you out of love. You've missed some major pieces of wisdom along the way. Let me tell you what that will mean for you...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sources of Tension and Relief

I haven't written a blog for a long time, partly due to schoolwork, partly due to rest. Certain days mean long periods of homework, labwork, and job-searching, and I like to rest with Ashley on the days when Mines lets up a little.

I'm sure everyone enjoys Ashley's blogs (as do I), but I figured I'd take a quick work break and contribute today since my name also appears as an author on this blog (--->).

The long days of work take a toll on Ashley and me. Being at Mines most days (and now at Red Rocks to take the Dietary Nutrition class on Saturdays) means that I spend that time learning hard and working feverishly to get as much time at home with Ashley as possible. A lot of days, I walk in the door just relieved to see her face. I also generally feel a sense of pride knowing that I worked long and hard. Not yet having a job lined up after my graduation this December tends to worry me more than anything else most days. There seems to be something at the core of manhood that prompts us men to have a plan of provision for our family. That's a good thing. It puts on the pressure when we're being lazy, and it gives us a great way to spend our time: working.

The other day I heard a sermon by Mark Driscoll talking about our prayers, that they arise to God like an incense, and he hears them whether or not we feel it. Some days knowing that God hears and will answer our prayers in time is the greatest encouragement of all.

I know that God will hear our prayers for:
- Ashley's neck and back pain relief
- A job so I can provide for my family
- Our friends and family to know God's heart and mind in Jesus Christ

I don't have an eloquent end for this post, but I ask for your continued prayers for Ashley and me. We trust in God for provision, not only of our basic financial needs, but in his continued presence and love for us. Jesus Christ is our bedrock, and we have a solid place to stand in the day of adversity.