Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Kid You Not

It's october 10th for goodness sake.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I said the S- word.

I think I've mentioned Higher Grounds before (the coffee shop whose internet I mooched before we got internet). The owner is what makes the coffee shop so great. Jeff knows his customer's names and at least pretends to be interested in their lives. He's from Iran and is a really neat guy. I like him so much that I'm afraid to ask if he's hiring at the risk of ruining our pseudo customer-patron relationship.

I dropped in for coffee with another Mines wife yesterday. I feel like a real regular walking up to the counter without my wallet since we have a credit. I was working there so much that we thought it would be a good idea to put twenty dollars on a tab and since we've got internet I rarely go anymore so our tab is lasting well into the semester.

I ordered a caramel macchiato and remembered that Brian said not all coffee shops make macchiatos like Starbucks. A real macchiato doesn't even have milk. So I asked Jeff if it was the Starbucks kind or the European kind. And you'd have thought I said the F- word. "Starbucks? I do not like Starbucks and I have only been there one time in my life and I will never go back. I would not know if it is like Starbucks."

I started mentally backpedaling. I had just deeply offended Jeff. It was like something out of a movie. You know how movies make foreigners look when they get mad? Like they will have some kind of life-long vendetta against you. "Uhh, I didn't mean I wanted it to be like Starbucks Jeff. What I ... uh ... meant was that Brian told me that there are two kinds and sometimes you have to ask which kind. That's just the only way I knew how to explain it."

I think Jeff could tell I was flustered and sorry so he changed his tone and his expression and went on telling me about how he goes to coffee conventions and knows how Starbucks roasts their beans. They burn them he tells me. And says it's very bad for your health. I think he even said it will give you cancer.

I'm not sure about all that but I'm easily swayed about health related things so I'm going to do some research. And never, never say the S- word in Higher Grounds again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi. My Name is Ahsley

I put off changing my name for about two months. I was busy (read: lazy) and not really sure how to go about that process. That is until Focus told me a couple week ago that they wouldn't draw up a freelance writing contract for me unless I changed my name (if I intended to change it). After a dramatic tear fest and a pep talk from Mom and some Social Security Office research from Erin, I dried it up and went to the Lakewood Social Security Office to stand in line with a really sick looking sea of humanity. 

I normally would not cry over the privileged of taking my dear husband's name but it had been an emotional week and the task at hand felt daunting.  Turns out though, that it's really simple. 
  1. Take a number (Literally take a ticket with a number and wait for your number to be called, I took a number beside a very ill-looking young man with a hospital face mask.)
  2. Take marriage license to clerk and fill out a short form with new address and name. 
  3. Sign a very official looking document verifying that your new name and address are listed correctly. 
  4. Go home and wash your hands very thoroughly.
They said it would take a couple weeks for my new Social Security card to arrive. It came yesterday and my new legal name is:
Ahsley Brooke Ramsey
Looks like I will be repeating steps 1 through 3 and possibly 4 again this week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Been a While

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I think I mentioned that I'm having some neck/back trouble a few posts ago. It's gotten much worse. I've seen two chiropractors and a physical therapist, done all the stretches that they gave me, cut my time on the computer drastically (thus the reason for less posting) and tried to stay away from any activity that might prolong the healing process. 

This morning in church I had to ask Brian to rub my neck during the sermon because of the pain, it was that or leave. I'm sure we looked like the disgusting, distracting PDA couple, but I didn't care. Please pray for me. I'm frustrated and feeling at a loss. And I feel sorry for Brian. He has been steadfastly compassionate toward me and pitched in more than normal even with his school work being at what feels like an all time high. I don't have that kind of endurance. After taking care of a sick person for a day my tendency is "You've had your day. Walk it off now."

My last day at Boundless was Wednesday. I'm not sure what capacity I'll have with them moving forward. We're still working that out. But I'm so thankful for this layoff. To continue to work from home would mean I would have to buy a completely new computer/desk setup since working on a laptop and ergonomically incorrect space was what caused all of this. I just didn't know any better. And now I feel really stupid for doing this to myself.

I had wanted to finish my wedding thank you's last week since I wasn't working, but looking down for a long time to write isn't very good for my neck either. If you're one of the many people who've yet to received a written expression of my appreciation, please know I have not forgotten you :) I really look forward to acknowledging the people who've made our little apartment functional and beautiful with their generosity and those whose encouragement and advice has enriched our lives. And writing thank you's has a very profound affect on my heart: it breeds gratitude.

Well I should really get off the computer. I do miss updating you guys on the blog and talking to you on the phone. Since we don't have great reception at the apartment, I make my calls when I'm out driving but talking and driving is bad for my neck so I haven't been doing that as much.

Tonight is the first night of small group. I cannot tell you how excited I am about being with people. Some days the only living creatures I see are Brian and the squirrel that lives on our porch. I'm hoping for some friends to come out of this. This morning we sat behind another newly married couple. The husband is a engineer (who offered to be a reference if Brian applies to the company where he works) and the wife is unemployed like me and they are in our small group! They have serious friend potential. I tried not to come off needy. I didn't want to scare them away like I do the squirrel.

I really hope this post wasn't a pity party or too complain-y. If it was, I'm sorry :). And again, I would really covet your prayers for my healing.