Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I Read This Week

Here are some things I read this week that I think are worth passing along:

Pray with Perspective from TheResurgence
This was particularly helpful this week because my prayers have been filled with "I," "me," "my," "us," ad nauseum. 
Jesus knows our frame. He knows we generally don’t need to see our sin as the first item on the agenda at every meeting with God. Better in fact to get our eyes altogether off of ourselves. That way we gain perspective and hope. 
As I mediated on that I realized the moments this week that I've had godly hope were the ones where I took my eyes off my sin, Brian's sin, our problems and put them on the God who is, and is good. 

EARLY Will I Seek You from Candice Watters at Family Making
In Colorado, rising before the sun often brings the benefit of actually seeing the "purple mountains majesty." But that stunning view of Pike's Peak alone isn't enough to wake me. It's what happens when I miss that window that motivates me to roll out of bed.
8 Snares Set by Fear of Man from TheResurgence
When we’re overly concerned with “getting it right,” we turn people into projects to accomplish. We withhold our compassion and grow reserved and calculating in our pursuit of people.
I so wish this did not resonate with me. But it did, and in some way so did the other seven you can read in the original post.

Is it OK for Moms to have jobs Outside the Home? from John Piper at Desiring God
Mothering and homemaking are huge and glorious jobs. What children need at age one, five, six, fourteen, eighteen is simply amazing, and so is what those needs call forth from a woman's creativity and heart and mind, personally for each one of these little ones that are coming along.
I loved John Piper's focus as he answered this question. It was refreshing to hear him talking about the needs of children and the creativity of women to meet those needs rather than just talking gender roles.