Friday, December 10, 2010


Brian and I are officially settled in Colorado Springs. In August Brian signed on full time with Aspen Technologies, the company he's been temping with for about a year. He's enjoying the work and the fast pace they have there.

In August we also expanded our little family to three :) Baby Ramsey will make his or her debut May 25 2011. We would love suggestions for names if you have any. The first trimester was a little rough with constant nausea and fatigue, but I'm at 15 weeks and finally feeling good again. Everyone's been asking for pregnancy pictures but there's not a lot to see yet.

I'm working as a temp until the baby comes or until I get too pregnant to go to work. I'm on my second assignment in 3 months as an apartment leasing agent. This is the first time I've worked a 40 hour week since Brian and I married. In a lot of ways it's fun because we come home tired at the end of the day and feel like a team. In a lot of other ways it's draining because the laundry never gets done and my house isn't quite as clean as it used to be.

Aside from my growing laundry pile and dirty floors, it's a very rich season of life for us. I could say a lot more by way of updating, but I'd better run. I'll write again soon!