Friday, January 27, 2012

Natural Cleaners: What Stuck

Remember a while back when I laid out my plan to make a complete switch to natural cleaners? Well, time has revealed which things stuck and which didn't. 

Things that stuck:
Laundry detergent I'm still using a "natural" detergent that costs around 9-10 dollars for 80 loads. So far, Ava has avoided all rashes and our clothes are clean. 
Dryer sheets I'm using Seventh Generation's non-toxic dryer sheets. They don't have a scent. I really just use them to avoid my arch nemesis, static. Nothing on Earth can make me as crazy as static cling. Just ask Brian. More than once, I've screamed, "Get up! Get up!" as I've ripped static-filled sheets from our bed. 
Laundry pretreat It works just as well as anything else and there really isn't a cost difference. This stuff is pricey either way you go. 
Household Cleaners (multi surface, anti-bac, etc.) They non-toxic cleaners are easier on me as far as headaches and generally feeling yucky as I clean. 
Baby Lotion I use coconut oil (the kind you cook with) on Ava and it exceeds any other product I've tried. She tries to lick anything you apply to her face, so I feel a lot safer with something that's actually edible. 
Deoderant We've been back and forth on this one. I've made my own. It didn't work for me because it was too abrasive and the store bought kind didn't cut it at the end of the day. So I very defeatedly went back antiperspirant. Since then, a friend gave me a jar from a local natural's store that is the stuff. Better than antiperspirant! 
Airfresheners/candles/etc I've started using essential oils in our humidifiers and in candles or boiling on the stove with water. It's an nice way to freshen my house without commercial sprays or candles that give me a headache. 

Things that didn't stick:
Shampoo and body soap Baking soda and vinegar just didn't work for my haircare routine. And Brian was embarrassed by it. And thought the vinegar smelled bad, so that was the end of that. I think I'll give some more mainstream natural products a try at some point. But for now I'm just finishing what we have. 
Dishwasher detergent I had a hard time finding anything that didn't cost a million dollars. 

So all in all, we've made some good changes and it's been fun using products that I like a lot more. I just wanted to follow up with at least one my promises to update you on a project since I always say I will and then never do. For instance, our apartment progress. It's coming along my friends. Maybe one day I'll post some pictures.