Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7AM Grocery Trip

I have found a new way to buy groceries. This is a big deal people! Grocery shopping is the single hardest part of my week. Ava is no longer napping in public, so taking her on a grocery trip means sacrificing a nap and having to shlep her and bags of groceries in the house. It's a nightmare. If you've been there, you either know exactly what I mean or think I'm being a total drama queen.

My MIL comes by once a week to let me run errands, but I can never finish all my shopping in that one trip. Yesterday she stayed with Ava while I did Costco and made some returns. Costco's produce has been sub-par (as in rotten) lately, so I still had all my produce left to get.

This morning I planned on sleeping an extra hour while Brian ate breakfast and hung out with Ava (Brian gets Ava up and keeps her with him for his morning routine every morning that he doesn't have church meetings at 6am), but while he was in the shower I heard Ava's congested breathing and knew if I ignored her any longer I'd feel like a child abuser. So, I got up and de-congested her nose. I won't go into detail about the decongesting procedure- it's far too glamourous. You'll just be jealous. 

And then I had a crazy thought, "If I throw on some sweat pants and brush my teeth I can have a full hour to grocery shop before Brian goes to work ... and maybe I can grab a latte while I'm out." The last part of that thought is what got me out the door. 

I had a full glorious hour to drive around praying, drinking my latte and getting my shop on. Now I don't have to find someone to stay with Ava or risk throwing off her nap schedule! I'm doing this every week. 

Anyone else found creative ways to get errands or shopping done?